28 October 2005

Another Wedding Registry

Josh and I went to register at McRae's because everyone told us too. Apparently they give out free stuff, but we didn't get any when we went yesterday. We were able to register for our china and that type stuff. However, their system was down and we couldn't register for anything else. Also, the lady told us not to come back until January or February to register for other stuff. They have been bought by Belk, and are in the process of getting their McRae's merchandise out and their Belk merchandise in.
Anyway, here is the registry, if you are interested in looking.

19 October 2005

Back To Work

Ok, so I never really got to leave work, but we have a meeting with the CIO, Homer, this afternoon at 5. I heard that there might have been a change to not include the technicians in this meeting, but I haven't heard anything for sure. We are all eagerly awaiting a chance to tell him what we think.
Things have been ridiculus with other departments not doing their job. And, of course, since everyone sees us and comes to us, it gets blamed on us. And we are the lowest paid employees in the department. You think the part that gets seen and dealt with would get paid good money... But no, we are the red-headed step-children...
Well, complaining isn't going to do that much. But I will hopefully hear something good at our meeting tonight. It had better be good because I am skipping class for it!!!

17 October 2005

Wedding Planning Can Be FUN!!!

Josh and I went Saturday to do our gift registry. We registered at Sears, Wal-Mart, and Bed Bath and Beyond.
We arrived in Hattiesburg at about 11 a.m. and first ate at Willy T's. We registered first at Sears because it was right there. That wasn't the best experience in the world. The scanner kept breaking. We tried to keep things realistic there. Please visit our Sears Registry and take a look.
Then we walked through JC Penny, but I decided that I wasn't sure if I wanted to register there after all.
So, next stop, Wal-Mart, because I knew we should register there. We had some fun there. I went to the little register station and set up our account. Then proceeded to wait ten minutes for an associate to help me out. Lots of fun, let me tell you. Although we did have fun registering. We registered for a few silly things, well, they made some of the people I work with laugh. Can you identify the funny items? Check it out here.
We were planning to go see The Exorcism of Emily Rose, but we finished at Wal-Mart with a couple of hours to spare. So we decided to check out Bed Bath and Beyond because it was just across the street, and neither of us had been in since the one in Hattiesburg opened. After a 15 minute walk through the store, we decided to set up a wedding registry there. We had to wait a few minutes while the registry consultant finished up with a couple. She got everything set up for us, and we taught us how to use the scanner. I noticed a referral box on the form, and remembered by friend Chad telling us that he and his fiance had registered there. I put her name in, and found out that I had gotten them a $25 gift card. We got our scanner and went to have fun. Needless to say, our registry got to be a bit ridiculus. Over two hours later, Heather, our consultant, was happy that we showed up because she was about to leave for the day. Take a look and see if you can identify the joke items!!!
We ended up having to see the 9:45 showing of Exorcism, and greatly enjoyed it. It was a freak-out movie. It's the kind of horror flick I like to see, because it doesn't try to gross you out with blood and gore. It just does little things that are meant to make you think, and then the thinking just freaks you out. Kind of like a Japanese horror film.

But anyway, Now that you have links to all three of our wedding registries, BUY US STUFF!!!

14 October 2005

A BAD Day Already...

Ok, it's not even 8:30 and my day is already bad.
I woke up early with a leg cramp that refused to go away. When I say early, I mean before 5 a.m. It still hurts.
I forgot to take my medicine at supper last night because we ate at the mall, so I could barely breathe this morning.
I got all my stuff together and left the house at a decent time, so at least that is something!
I get to work and start going about my normal morning routine. I work at a high counter and have a laptop for work. Becuase I have nothing that locks at work, except our office door, I normally carry my laptop home everynight. I set the laptop backpack on my chair as usual, and turned around to do something. Now, I didn't bump the chair or anything, but my bag falls off. Now, take into account that I have not gotten out my laptop yet. So I pick it up and put it back on the chair and go to get breakfast, not really worrying about the fact that it fell. Apparently I should have worried. The corner of my laptop that isn't protected by padding is what actually hit the floor. While my laptop works normally, The back corner is busted up. Now I have to hold the corner of the case together in order to eject the CD tray.

To top things off this morning, Brandi is out because she has to carry her daughter to the dentist this morning. And the temp, Chris, hasn't shown up yet, or at least, not that I have seen. I'm beginning to think that when I could breathe and my leg was cramping I should have went ahead and stayed in the damn bed. I really hope that this day manages to get better!!!!

13 October 2005

Wedding Update!

I have now gotten my tiara and my unity candle! They finally came in the mail. I am hoping to hear from the baker pretty soon about going in to talk to the other girl about doing my wedding cake. And I am going to make an attempt to get my flowers ordered this week or next. I think I am just going to mail the order in and have them send me the bill, with how much and when I need to make a deposit. And I have to figure out about the reception rentals pretty soon too so I can get those done. I'm just ready to have all this stuff figured out already!!!
But I will hopefully be meeting with my sister next month to design the invitations so we can get those printed and all that. Hopefully I can get them printed through the printing center on campus for a decent price.

By the way...I HAVE MY TIARA NOW!!!!!

I hate Doctors!!!

Ok, so normally I don't have a problem with doctors. I even have some that I am incredibly fond of. Such as Dr. Folse. She's terrific. However, Dr. Lancaster should be shot. I started having trouble breathing on Saturday night. I waited until Monday morning to go to the doctor because I was at my parents' house this weekend. I went to the family clinic/after-hours clinic because they are designed to take walk-ins, and I wouldn't be able to see my doctor even if I went to his office. He listened to my breathing, did a few chest x-rays, and checked by bloodox. Nothing on the x-rays, bloodox of 98%... He put down a diagnosis of painful breathing. I just looked at him, and he decided to an pluerisy (sp?) because of the dirty look. He only gave me an anti-inflammatroy... I feel like shooting him!!! It hurts a lot to breathe, but I can't stay at home JUST because I'm having trouble sleeping and it hurts to breathe. I have to work. Hopefully I will get to feeling better soon.
Because I went to the doctor, Josh had to take me because I hadn't gotten any sleep, I missed class Monday night. That was the last absence I can have. However, I did better in the class last night than most of the kids that had been there. We were studying grammar though. I can get the grammar down no problem. I just have trouble with the vocabulary... Hopefully I will have time to study that soon.

06 October 2005

Work May be the Devil....

...But things are maybe getting better.
They figured out how we can take care of the virus that has been running around campus. It requires two separate virus scans and fully updating Windows. You would be amazed at the number of students on campus that do not have Service Pack 2 installed for Windows XP. Some of these students have NEVER updated Windows. Luckily we don't do the work for them. They have to sit here and we basically help them out with it. We have had some serious problems with some of the computers, but most have gone smoothly. We also finally have students telling us that they appreciate our patience with them. We had some trouble the first day we started working with them and getting things taken care of, but it has mostly smoothed out.
We still cannot get the desktops cleaned though. And those students are rather upset. But they are hoping we will be able to start with them by the end of the week. I certainly hope so because it is a mess.
The managers in itech had a meeting today and one of their topics was 'Is moral low in iTech?' Derek sent out an e-mail asking for our opinions on the matter. Everyone in the office said that our moral was low and that it was the Networking team's fault. It was rather amusing.... Since Brandi went all out and wrote a lot, I thought I would post what she had to say. I share the exact same opinion on it as her, so it keeps me from having to write it out. :)

I believe that the Morale could be better. I believe that the worse problem that we have with this issue is that other departments in iTech appreciate exactly what the helpdesk has to put up with on a daily basis. You have students paying for services that they are not able to use due to ip addresses not available, virus’, and stupid students running routers, and we have to get cursed out on a daily basis due to these issues, then we are the one that in the end who smooth it over with the students to try and make them feel better. I know that a lot of the networking issues are not anyone’s fault so to speak; however, we are the ones that see these students everyday and take whatever they dish out to us. Also in that same respect is the virus issue, we are the ones that have to put up with these students who are NOT happy. I totally understand that we need to do what we have to protect our Network. Bob totally understands what we have to put up with since the virus issues have come out he has been up here at the Helpdesk working with us. However, I believe that iTech in whole needs to know what we have to hear and put up with in a days time. The other departments are separated and they do not see what the other one is going though, sometimes I feel like other departments within iTech are not working with the Helpdesk it almost feels as though they are working against us. We need to be in the know of what is going on and when things are going to happen so that we can prepare ourselves and know what we are going to say to these students who are fixin’ to come in here and EAT our LUNCH so to speak. HOWEVER EVERYONE on the campus comes to the Helpdesk and we have to be the ones who REPRESENT each department of iTech. So if it wasn’t for our smiling faces everyday and keeping the students happy then the name iTech would have a serious bad name on this campus. I love my job and I love working with the students. I do believe that within iTech our fellow family members really do know deep down know what we are going through over here; however, they look at us as the low man on the totem pole and we get left out of the loop, but yet we are the MAIN contact for this department. I am not sure if this helps you out or not but I will stop now. LOVE YA!

Now, that you have skipped the several inches of writing above, I'm going to finish up for the day's notes.

I made a 90 on my Spanish test Monday. I was very proud of myself. But she graded it easy too. YAY! I have an A in both of my classes right now!

I got approval for the topic of my research paper in my human sexuality class. It's on sexually transmitted diseases on college campuses. If anyone has any great resources or stories they want to pass my way, I would love the assistance.

And now, last but not least, a belated birthday to my friend Stimpy. He's a year older, but not a bit better! :)

29 September 2005

Notice the New Name???

I went to eat lunch with Josh at Willy T's today and he started calling me Ms. Fressange as we left, so I decided to rename my Blog.
Inez Fressange is a scientist in the anime Martian Successor Nadesico. She spends most of her screen time explaining things.
Josh asked why the doors leaving places are always PUSH doors. I decided to explain that people are always tired and lazy after they eat, so doors are arranged this way so they can just kinda fall on it and the door opens so they can leave. People generally have more energy when they are going to eat, so they don't mind having to pull open a door.
Josh said that this was quality , and he would almost accept it as a reason. He has called me this before because I have a tendency to explain things. I really like to make up stuff to explain those hypothetical questions.....

But anyway, that explains the new name.

28 September 2005

No More..No More..No More

Ok, so I can wish I could chant that in my office anyway. I can never say it enough, this would be an alright place to work if it weren't for the damn students. Right now we have a virus running around our campus network that we have no idea how to clean. That means, any student with that virus is stuck without internet until we do figure out. We would love to leave them on the network and all, but the network would crash it is so bad. Unfortunately, Brandi and I have to listen to these students all day long about how they cannot do their homework for their online classes because their internet doesn't work. Well, use the EFFIN' computer labs on campus. There is a reason we pump money into the things. It's for STUDENTS to use for school and play. So why can't they just be reasonable???
I know, I'm whinning...But at least I was able to purchase my new book today, High Druid of Shannar: Straken. I so can't wait to start reading it. It's really short though, I don't think any of the other books have been this short. But oh well. I'm sure it will be great. It's going to be the first book I've read in a few weeks. I stay busy with stuff for school. But right now school is just going to have to wait for a little while. I want my book!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry, just needed to rant for a minute!!!

25 September 2005

No Time to Breathe

I hate not getting to post on here. I know not many people are reading it, but it's still fun. Lately though, I haven't had time to breathe, much less have time to post anything here.

Being in Columbia we had a hard hit from Katrina. Luckily we didn't have any real damage at the house. But it's taken weeks to get the yard work finished. And then, here comes Rita this weekend giving us more yard work to do. But at least it isn't nearly as much as we had before. We were lucky enough to only be without power 4 days. We live down the road from the local water association. It's a great place to live during a natural disaster. They are high priority for power. We only lost water for a few hours, and that was because the generators lost power in the middle of the night the day before we got power back. However, we were without a phone for a little over two weeks. No internet at home. :(

I enjoyed my week and a half off work, and spent it doing homework for my online class. I had that book here at the house, and had saved the assignments to my laptop. At least I was able to accomplish something. Unfortunatly, I really needed to work on my Spanish, and ALL my Spanish stuff was at the office. Opps!!! Hopefully I will be mildly prepared for my test a week from Monday. Right now I am far from prepared. But since I have internet at the house I have been able to work on the homework. That has helped.

Work has been busy since the semester pretty much started on Sept. 12th. We have had so many new students at Southern. But at least things are slowing down in the office now. People are finally getting settled into things again. Brandi and I have been slammed at work up until Thursday of last week. That's when people finally started getting everything finished. Although, from what I hear the other iTech office is still very busy. At least I don't have to work over there. Like to have things calmed down. I can start using the time to study for my A+ Certification at work. I have decided that it would be something helpful for my job. I will most likely be stuck in it for a while.

I saw two movies this weekend. Josh and I went to see The Corpse Bride. It was a fantastic movie. It wasn't The Nightmare before Christmas, but then again, it was a different kind of story. I think everyone will enjoy seeing the movie. We also went with our friend William and some people from iTech to see Episode III. We had seen it before, but it was fun to see it again. While The Corpse Bride was playing at the mall, Episode III was at the new theatre. All 14 theatres are stadium seating. It was fantastic. The theatre even had that new car smell. It was wierd. The theatre had only opened Friday, and we went Saturday night. The tickets were $6.50, and they don't appear to offer a student discount. At least, not yet. They are mostly showing old movies right now. Katrina put their opening off a few weeks. We're kinda hoping that they put Broadacres Cinema out of business. That place is old and in awful shape. And they have a tendency to get a lot of the good movies we want to see. They will not be able to put the mall theatre out of business though. It's in the mall, so it will always have customers. But that is ok because the theatre at the mall is kept in great shape. It is just mostly small theatres, although I think they have 8 screens.

My DnD game is up and going again. I love my character Dayne. She is insane. And she will hopefully break the epic barrier in a couple of weeks. She hasn't been leveled up since the beginning of March! We went to a Dwarven celebration on Friday night and the majority of the night (5:30 pm-12:30 am) was taken up with the party. But we did get in a fight towards the end of the night. My character killed two creatures whose species had never been killed in the history of the world. It's nice to do cool things with her!!! Of course, these weren't normal creatures from the DnD books. The DM has created his own world, and these were his own brand of vampyr (I think I spelled that right). It was great though. Kudos to Daniel for presenting us with a great night of gameplay!!!

Oh, and I'm going to see my parents next weekend. Finally! I haven't been up there since before Katrina. It will be nice to go home for the weekend. I have a test the next day though, so poor Josh will have to drive all the time so I can study!!!

19 August 2005

It's Finally Friday...

...And I'm not FREE YET!!!!!!!
I have to work move in tomorrow at USM. It's evil! I have to work outside, 1-5. I'm dreading it with a passion. But at least it will be overtime. Overtime might make it worth it.

Today I had to work what they are calling PUC, Personal University Committment. I basically left my normal job of answering the Helpdesk phones to go sit by a girl I don't care for from 1:15ish to 4. Not fun. But the change of pace was nice. Instead of helping people over the phone I was setting up wireless for students in our billing system. I was faster at it than the other girl, and she actually does it for a living. I thought it was amusing. But we'll keep that little secret between just us.

My neice Ashleigh started CRAWLING today. Check out Jackie's blog for more details.

The wedding plans are currently at a stand still. I am waiting for music selections from my wedding planner Cat. She needs to get her butt in gear! She goes on maternity leave before long and I want those music selections! Hopefully she will get them to me next week.

17 August 2005

Great Story

I just want to put the following address out in the open.
My friend Chuck sent it to me and it is WONDERFUL!!!

16 August 2005

Stupid University Stuff

If anyone is famialar with universities, they have to do stuff the hard way.
USM offers each faculty, staff, and student a free e-mail address. These username for these addresses used to be some variation of your name. Then the university decided to go to id numbers for everyone. At this time, new students/faculty/staff where given usernames of w+id. Now, they go off and decide to make everyone's username this.
This was not well thought out. I work for the Helpdesk. We were bombarded with calls this morning related to this change. And there were some big problems with e-mail that developed. Like people losing all their e-mail. And a few accounts ceasing to exist. I hope it is all fixed tomorrow.

But something great did come of all this. A guy called the girl that sits next to me this morning. He told her that he was working on the e-mail stuff, but was getting a UTS error. She said she had never heard of that, but would try to help him get it straightened out. He let her go on for a minute before asking if she really didn't get it. She, being the brunette in the office that gets accused of being a blonde, admitted that she didn't have a clue what it was. He then proceeded to explain to her that it was a 'User Too Stupid' error. The entire office got a great laugh out of it. While I was all right, a couple of the other guys needed a little pick-me-up. This was a great one.

To help you understand how hectic this morning was, we have an office of 5 technicians and a manager. We were all taking calls this morning. For close to an hour, we didn't have less than 20 calls waiting to be answered. At least we have a more laid back office than we used to. One of the girls that used to work there would have went crazy with that many calls. I kinda enjoyed it though. Maybe I am just a masochist.....


I finally got a well deserved vacation. I took Friday and Monday off from work. I drove home Thursday night.

It was great to be home. I haven't seen my parents since Father's Day, and hadn't spent the weekend at their house since before then! And Daddy's birthday is today, so I have to remember to call after I finish with my blog! I got him a new shirt because he gets everthing he wants himself. And he has over 600 DVDs!

Momma and I got to go shopping. It was fun. I bought a new purse and she got new sneakers. We also had fun window shopping in the Wal-Mart craft department. She picked out the dress she wants to make my neice for my wedding. Ashleigh will be 1.5 years old then. A little too young to be a flower girl, but that's ok. :)

We also made a baby blanket for a girl at work. I'll have to get her to take a picture of it because I didn't get a chance to. I'll post it once I can get one from her.

I also watched some movies with Daddy. We watched Sin City and Kung Fu Hustle. I liked Sin City, but Hustle was a bit of a let down. But then again, one of my friends had been talking a lot about going to see it, so I just set my expectations too high. It wasn't really a bad movie.

I came back early on Monday to talk to the florist, baker, rental place, and tux shop for the wedding. The baker was the one I was really worried about getting to. But her shop was closed because of storm damage to the HUGE oak tree right at her front door. I guess I will have to do that stuff by phone. If I can remember to call her....

That pretty much covers my weekend, other than saying I got to spend time in my parent's pool. LOVE THE POOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was my only time to go swimming this year. I loved it.

09 August 2005

Maybe it's a Monday Week...

Ok, today just doesn't seem to be that much better than yesterday. Aren't Tuesdays supposed to be better than Mondays???

Well, I did get my grades. I got an A in all three classes. And I got my final essays back from my Theatre Appreciation teacher. A's on all of them. Out of the the 9-ish pages I only had one typo. So pretty good.

They finally got my financial aid posted so I could buy books. $241.77! That's more for 6 hours this fall than I paid for 9 hours this summer! And I will be using the same binder from the summer! At least one of the books will cover the next three semesters of that subject. (I had to get a Spanish book) But that is still much more than I expected.

We have had drama over baby gifts today. We have having a baby shower for a girl I work with tomorrow. It has been a struggle to get her gift together. The item she wanted, a video baby monitor, has been discontinued. But I won't go into that drama. I'm not even sure of the outcome.

To go back to a bittersweet topic, I am glad I was able to get my books. I need to review my spanish. I took 101 in the beginning of Summer 04, but haven't done anything with Spanish since then.

And now, it's almost time to go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08 August 2005

I think I might hate Mondays

Ok, I generally don't do Mondays well anyway, but every seems to be having one of those not so good Mondays today. When everyone is off, it just gets worse.

This weekend wasn't too bad, other than the fact that Josh and I did next to nothing together, even if we did stay home all weekend. Saturday we did some house and yard work. Then I read a book while he played Diablo II. Then we watched an episode of Wolf's Rain.

Sunday we went to church. It was my first time to sing with the Choir since October. I really enjoyed it, even if it was HOT. Then we did more reading, playing, and watched another ep.
Really exciting weekend.

The book I read was another Kay Scarpetta novel. I've read nine of them now. I need to see which ones I need to get. I've just been picking them up at random lately. I do have three or four novels in order though. But I want to try and get the rest of them.

I'll be going home on Thursday. I'm taking a couple of days off work to visit my parents. I haven't been home in a while. I'm excited about it. I'll hopefully get to go swimming while I'm there. I haven't been this year. The weekend cannot get here soon enough.

I also haven't recieved my grades yet. THEY NEED TO GET THEM POSTED!

04 August 2005

More Successes

I've done more on the wedding. I've had a coupe of people tell me that I needed to hire a wedding director. So I've picked one out. Now all I have to do is ask her. But it's hard to find this blasted lady when I need to talk to her!!!!!!!!
And I found Rachel's blog. It's listed in the sidebar. Rachel is a friend of my sister. She's a complete and total sweetheart. Hopefully she will put something up on her blog soon. Right now it only has a welcome message. But that's ok, you have to start somewhere.
I think I mentioned that I had picked out a couple of songs for the wedding... Or maybe I didn't. I'm honestly not sure...Anyway, I may have picked out the song I'll walk down the aisle to. I'm not positive yet. I may find something I like better when I really start listening to stuff. But for now I really like this one. Guess I should tell you what it is. 'To A Wild Rose' by some guy whose name I don't remember right now.

Ok. Now that I've shared some things, I'm going to go away. And probably find out that I had already posted some of this. ;)

01 August 2005

Success! Success!

Ok, things appear to be moving along smoothly for me. At least at the moment.
I got my paper handed in for my Criminal Justice class. I'm wondering if I will be able to get my final grade by the end of the week. She appears to be very behind in grading for that class.
I finished my final for Family and Marital Relations. I got a B on the final. If I calculated everything properly that gives me an A for the course.
I took the books for those two classes to the bookstore and they gave me $68.25!!!!!!!!!
I finished one of my three papers for my Theatre Appreciation class. I will miss that class. It was lots of fun. I will hopefully keep my A in there. Now I just have to finish the two essays for the final exam.

Josh and I also picked out two songs to have sung at the wedding.
'I Will Be Here' by Steven Curtis Chapman
'Til the End of Time' by Steven Green
I was surprised we picked them so easily. I was expecting to have to get a few more songs for us to listen to, but Josh really liked those!!!!!!! I'm so happy-We have the music. Now I know that I only need on tenor to sing at the wedding.

Brandi started back at work today!! She's been out on maternity leave for three months. I'm thrilled to have her back. Now I don't have to walk across campus to bounce wedding ideas off someone. I have some sitting next to me.
She's also going to be one of the wedding photographers, so it's even better.

One other good thing happened for work. Jan worked out the Fall schedule for the Helpdesk. Brandi being here has eased the schedule up for all of us. And I was able to get my lunch changed to 11:30. I can go eat with Josh whenever he is in town now!!!!!!!!

What a great start to the week!

26 July 2005

Lack of Money

Well, I get paid again on Thursday. Unfortunately, I already have spent all but about $140 of my two weeks pay. All those blasted bills. Doesn't help that I still owed the school a good sized chunck of money. But that's ok. Because I am paying stuff off!!!
Just wanted to complain for a moment.

Zombie Survival

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Link: The Zombie Scenario Survivor Test written by ci8db4uok on Ok Cupid

Adding Stuff

Ok, I almost screwed up my blog. I took an online quiz and decided I wanted to share the results with the world. The picture was too big to put in the sidebar like I wanted to. Then it took forever to fix everything back!
(Ok, forever was only about 4 minutes of trying to get it to work. But it was too long!)
So, I will just have to put it in a post.

Take The quiz yourself

I wish I could have put it in the sidebar though!!!!

I really like the show Bleach. It's an anime that has yet to be licensed in America. (I think. Could be wrong. I still watch fansubs either way!) I wait anxiously for the new episode each week.

25 July 2005


Ok, so I'm just now posting today. I know it is awful, but it is part of life. It's been a horrid Monday. I made it to work with a minute to spare. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just had to eat after I opened the office. Nothing to major.
I had a paper due today in Theatre Appreciation so I printed it out this morning. I really hope that I get another A in there. Then I won't have to worry so much about the last paper and the final.

My sister posted something about slinkies on her blog that has been on my mind all day. View it here.

In class we had to put on productions of The Three Little Pigs. I wish I had taken my camera. We were one of two groups that did it using realism. The others all used theatricalism. Ours beat the other group by far. I was the stage ninja! It was fun. I was dressed in black and had my hair up under a black Southern cap.
It was fun. I don't want to do it again.

Now, if I can get through the rest of my class work it will be great. I have two papers and two finals left in three classes. One of the finals is 2 essay questions. Too much work left!!!

Josh and I are close to finishing Tenshi na Konamaki (A Cheeky Angel). It's apretty good anime. I doubt we finish it before I finish school this semester (lot left to do) but we can finish it shortly thereafter. If he quits playing Diablo II long enough. :)

Well, enough randomness from me. More later!

22 July 2005

The Weekend

Ok, I'm glad it's Friday and the work week is over, but I have a busy weekend.
First, we are going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on the coast. The decent showtimes are 7 and 7:30. We have to leave right after work and will hopefully have time to eat first.
Then, I have a wedding to attend tomorrow night. The plan is to sleep until noon though!
The wedding is a decent drive away and at 6 pm, so that's going to be another late evening.
THEN, on Sunday I have to start some erious work on my article review. I have to write a paper based on an article. 8-10 pages, 10 sources, and it is due next Saturday. I've barely started. So I will probably be in Hattiesburg all night Sunday working on my paper.
On top of that my class is puttin on a production of The Three Little Pigs in class on Monday. I'm the stage ninja. Unfortunately, I don't think I own anything black that I can fit in. Or have a black cap. So I think I will be doing some shopping on Sunday afternoon too. At least I should be able to find some cheap black pants at Wal-Mart.

Maybe once Monday gets here I can get a little rest!!!

-Also, anyone who has a few minutes should stop by Jackie Taylor's blog. There are new pictures of my neice available. And they are super cute!

Bad News

Well, I found out yesterday that Josh didn't get the job at Southern. I had already decided he didn't though. The guy that interviewed the day after him was called in the next morning for a second interview. He got the job. I was kinda cold to the boy yesterday and I feel a bit bad about it. But what can I say, I wanted Josh to get the job. I'm not going to hold it against anyone though. Apparently this guy was more qualified. And something else is bound to open up eventually.
Unfortunately, he had his eye set on a bank job. But he found out yesterday that the bank decided not to replace the guy that is leaving. And he didn't get a call back on the job he applied for at Hattiesburg Clinic. It's hard to get a job around here.

On a better note, we are going to the Coast tonight to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Hopefully we will have a good time. We are leaving right after work and going with a group of friends.

21 July 2005

Moon Over Buffalo

I managed to sell my play tickets for Saturday night. I hope the guy who bought them enjoys the play. Josh and I will be going to see the production again on the 28th. With my paper being due on the 29th, it's getting close but I should be ok.

Moon over Buffalo is a wonderful farce. It is about two actors that were almost cast in a new Frank Capra film. The play takes place in their theatre in Buffalo, NY, and is all in one afternoon.

Anyone who gets a chance should see this play. It is the most popular one production of this season's Southern Arena Theatre.

20 July 2005


I've added a new link to my list. It is for AnimeSuki. It is a great place to get links to download new anime. It's also cool because they don't post anything that has been licensed.
I'm becoming something of an anime junkie. My current favorite is Bleach though. It's got good fights, and an interesting story to back it up. The other current series I am watching is Naruto. It's a ninja anime.
I should also post a link to the USM Anime Club. I was one of the first members to sign up.... I think I will do that now.
Everyone have a good evening!

19 July 2005

More Craziness

Well, I ended up with another event yesterday that shows my life is entirely too crazy right now. I'm taking Theatre Appreciation this summer and have to write papers on some plays this summer. I need to see a couple of the plays again to write the papers. So I went to the ticket office to buy a second set of tickets for Josh and myself.
Well, the production that we REALLY want to go see again was sold out for Wednesday night. Ok, the next showing is Saturday night and the next after that is the following Thursday night. My paper on the play is due that Friday, so I can't really wait until Thursday. I got tickets for Saturday night.
When I bought the tickets I looked at my planner. I saw that we have a wedding to attend. Stupid me didn't put the TIME of the wedding in my planner. I thought it was an afternoon wedding. WRONG!!! The wedding is at 6pm. The play is at 7:30pm.
Any other time I would be able to find someone to take at least one of the tickets off my hands. Everyone I know that is even semi-interested in theatre already has plans for the weekend. I cannot find anyone has Saturday night free. At least I only paid $10 for the two tickets.
Well, actually, a friend of mine is checking with one friend of hers to see if they want them. It's the only couple that she doesn't know is busy. And they might be. I really hope they are interested in the tickets. It's a great production!

18 July 2005

Wedding Dress

Since I'm planning my wedding, I've decided to post something. This is the wedding dress I have picked out. Momma is going to make it for me. I'm also going with flowers similar to in the picture. My boquet is going to be 7 hand-tied calla lilies.
It's kinda funny, now that I think about it I am doing a lot from this picture, but I just realized it. I am going to wear my hair up, a tiara, and I will have a veil that just drops down in the back. Maybe I will look as good as the lady in the picture!

End of the Day

I just had to make another post before I left work. I probably won't be able to at home.
Josh had an interview with my boss this afternoon. She is also over the field technicians at USM. He doesn't feel wonderful about how it went, but from the way he talked I think it went alright. I really hope he gets a call back. He needs a better job that the one he has! I mean, I don't even have a degree and I make more than he does. I'm treated a lot better too. Even if he gets hired he will make less than me, but only by a few hundred a year. Not enought to really matter.
I just hope they liked him. He had meet everyone in the interview before. I hope that helps, or at least doesn't hinder him.
He said they would call him back by Friday if he gets it. It's going to be a long week....

The Fiance

Ok. I guess I should introduce my finace here. I don't have any pictures of him or us on my computer here at work, so I will have to post a picture later.
Josh is just a year older than me and we met through a mutual friend while playing DND. Josh is really into anime, video games, and DND. I've been enjoying forcing him to go to the theatre this summer. :)
Josh is currently a PC Tech at South Mississippi Business Machines. He graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in Software Engineering Technology.

Time to Start

I've been reading my sister's blog for ages now. She makes it a great source for new information on my neice. So I've decided to create my own.
My world is a mess right now. I'm working 40 hours a week, taking 9 hours in college this summer, and attempting to plan a wedding.
I'm sure it will all settle down eventually!