28 September 2006

Work Problems

I know I posted the other day about one of my coworkers not wanting to talk to me. I've been waiting around since then hoping that she would snap out of whatever her funk is. Good thing I haven't been holding my breath.
I went so far as to ask yesterday if anything was wrong. She said no.
But I can't help but think that I've done something to bother her, even though I can't think of anything. I come into work and try to give 150% to my job. I make a point to do my job to the best of my ability, and I try to do more. I try to make sure that everyone in the office has everything they need to do their jobs well. And I try to make sure that my boss remembers everything that we need.
She's been a little better today. A couple of times she has even answered my questions at something approaching a normal volume. But she still isn't saying more that absolutely necessary to answer my questions. She isn't really responding to my efforts to involve her. But she sure will talk and joke a little with some of the other people in the office. I heard her picking on a couple of the techs earlier.
But after the bossman asked me a couple of questions earlier that I answered (and that she could have easily put her input into without seeming to butt in or be an ass) I saw her pass him a couple of dirty looks when he wasn't paying attention. I know that she isn't particularly happy with him being the boss. She kinda wanted to be the boss, or at least keep our previous one. And I know that she isn't particularly happy with her job (and is semi looking for a new one). But why is she treating me this way? Why won't she just tell me what I've done to make her try to ignore me to the best of her ability? It's not exaclty comfortable to work in an office where the only other female apparently hates you. I know, because that is how she has been making me feel. And I think it's starting to affect my performance. I hope she snaps out of this soon. Because if she is still this way next week, I will have to talk to the bossman about it. Robin might not want to have to deal with a disgruntled employee, especially one as obvious about it as her, but it has to be dealt with eventually. And the sooner the better.


When I was growing up, and even while I was still a full-time college student, all my friends shared the same religious beliefs. We would disagree on some points, but we were all protestants. I find that since I've grown up this is no longer the case. There are a couple of protestants, a couple of Catholics, and a lot of other random stuff in the mix now.

Above is the tattoo that the biologist in our group got several months ago (as noted by the date on the picture). There is actually a funny story about my husband and this tattoo that I might share one day. Especially if I can manage to get a new picture of the tattoo!

Bad Service, Bad Product

These two don't always go hand in hand. However they did today. I've been craving a hazelnut mocha from Java City for a few days now, and just haven't had a chance to get out of the office and go get one. (Unfortunately their hours are 7:30-2 M-F.) Well, the bossman had something that had to go to the post office this morning. I decided that this would be my opportunity. I had a legitimate excuse to be on that side of campus.

I wish this hadn't happened.

It wasn't Ms. Frances running the shop when I stopped by, it was some college chick. She was slower than Christmas. You know, the one next century... She cleaned some stuff from the previous customer after taking my order, but before making my order. Needless to say she forgot what I wanted. Then, she couldn't remember it again hallf-way through making it. Then she didn't mix the chocolate milk up good enough. She mixed it up JUST enough to make it all taste nasty.

I know she might have been new or something, but really. There are pictures up there for EVERYTHING! A monkey could have made me a better mocha. The only thing she got right was the amount of hazelnut flavoring to put in. Next time I want one I will go somewhere else if Ms. Frances isn't working.

27 September 2006

Jeff Dunham

Last time we visited my parents we watched a video of comedian Jeff Dunham. While ventriloquist have never really been my cup of tea, this guy was GREAT. He has a couple of characters that will crack you up.
One of my favorites is Walter. He's a grumpy old men, as so many are prone to being. Take his quiz here and see how you stand up to him.
My other is Peanut. He's a trip. You can find out about him and Jose on Dunham's site. Check it out...pick up the DVD...get some great laughs!!!!

26 September 2006

Work, Not Bliss

Work has been going pretty good for the last few weeks. It was going from busy to absolutely nothing, but that's normal for this time of year. I can generally handle that fairly well.
It's really the coworkers that make my job Heaven or Hell. Well, today it isn't heavenly bliss. One of my coworkers has went into the bitchy 'I'm not talking to Cory' phase again. She had been that way for a few weeks a while back, but for the last couple of weeks she's been real friendly and talking to me and everything. I don't think she has said three full sentences to me today. She is generally ignoring me when possible. And when not possible. I would think it's something with me except that everyone else in the office is treating me the same way they always do. And I don't recall doing anything to her....I think it's just her bitchy self. But I wish she would quit it. I leave my bitch side at home, or at least outside the office.
At least Robin acknowledged it to me this afternoon. He told me to let him know if things don't change. But I really hope she will be back to her friendly self tomorrow.

Thai Coup - Great Statements

The Thai coup, as reported by Wikinews, included a great statement.
The army's tv statement included 'our apologies for any inconvenience.' This is not something one expects to hear during a military coup. This is definitely a story to follow...

Wonderful...Simply Wonderful

Limewire has sued the RIAA. This is great all on it's one, but the comments to the article on TechDirt are priceless. Some of them will make you laugh your ass off. And some of the simple statements can be applied really well to other situations.
Take a minute to read them, after reading my application of one such statement.

Situation: The campus wireless network
Statement: "Infrastructure does not imply intent."

Thanks to Bob for the fantastic quote.

23 September 2006

A Week With Friends...

Ok...this isn't a whole week, but it's been a lot.
Usually during the week Josh and I keep mostly to ourselves outside of work. But this week has been different. I just haven't had a lot of time to myself, but that's ok.
Tuesday night Chuck wanted to borrow the washer and dryer, so he and Stimpy hung out for most of the evening. Josh and Chuck played a few games of Magic.
Thursday night (I think Thursday. Could be wrong...) Chris was in town, and he, Chuck, and Stimpy hung out with us for a good sized chunck of the evening. Josh and Chris played Magic while the rest of us played a few games of Tsuro (sp?). It's a quick and fun game where you place tiles on a board to create a path and attempt to die a pretty death. Then Chuck wanted to go back to his place so he could play Yakuza, so Stimpy, Josh and I watched Life is Beautiful, at least, I think that was it.
Friday night we (being Chuck, Chris, Stimpy, Joe L, Josh and I) ate at Longhorn and went to see Fearless.
And today we still decided to spend time with them, yet again. We met for lunch, then went our separate ways...only to meet up at The Gamer Sanctuary for the evening. It's the first time Josh and I have hung out there for any real length of time. We usually just stop in to see if they have something we are looking for and leave. Tonigt I played a couple of games of Tsuro (I even won a game!!!). Josh played some Tsuro and some Magic. I watch part of a game of Robo Ralley. I might play that if it starts up when I'm around again. It looked fun, although I would probably get myself killed alot.

As much as I enjoy hanging out with our friends, I hope we stay to ourselves tomorrow. I need some serious quiet time before next week rolls around. I have some homework to start on and a book to finish!

>>>Edit: Please allow me to apologize profusely for my mixup in this post. It was Joe B, not Joe L, that attended Friday night's festivities. Amazing how easy it is to mix up letters when not fully conscious.

New Friends

I put a couple more links on my blogs lists to the side. I've been reading TC for a few weeks now and she cracks me up sometimes. She recently redesigned her blog, so you should you check out what she's done.
My other entry is Niassne. I've been a friend of his for a little while, and found out last night that he had started a blog. Needless to say, I simply HAD to check it out the first chance I really got today. I skimmed through what he had, and found some amusing posts. I'm not at all surprised, he's a pretty funny guy.
If I'm not careful, all my web browsing will end up planned because my list of must visit sites will get so long!

19 September 2006

Courtesy of Jokes4All.Net

One day in class the teacher brought a bag full of fruit. "Now class, I'm going to reach into the bag and describe a piece of fruit, and you tell what fruit I'm talking about. Okay, first: it's round, plump and red."

Of course, Johnny raised his hand high, but the teacher, wisely ignored him and picked Deborah, who promptly answered "An apple." The teacher replied, "No Deborah, it's a beet, but I like your thinking." Now for the second. It's soft, fuzzy, and colored red and brownish."

Well, Johnny is hopping up and down in his seat trying to get the teacher to call on him. But she skips him again and calls on Billy. "Is it a peach?" Billy asks. "No, Billy, I'm afraid it's a potato. But I like your thinking," the teacher replies. Here's another: it's long, yellow, and fairly hard."

By now Johnny is about to explode as he waves his hand frantically. The teacher skips him again and calls on Sally. "A banana," she says. "No," the teacher replies, "it's a squash, but I like your thinking."

Johnny is kind of irritated now, so he speaks up loudly. "Hey, I've got one for you teacher; let me put my hand in my pocket. Okay, I've got it: it's round, hard, and it got a head on it." "Johnny!" she cries. "That's disgusting!" "Nope," answers Johnny, "it's a quarter, but I like your thinking!"

15 September 2006

Friday's Feast

What was the very last song you listened to?
This Isn't What We Meant

What is one company/store/corporation you would recommend that people stay away from?
Microsoft. Damn I wish it were possible.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy having your picture made?
3 if it's a stranger, 6 if it's a friend, 10 if it's my sister!

Main Course
Besides a bookmark, what is something you've used to keep your place in a book?
My IHOP receipt. I didn't have a bookmark when I went in.

Name a food that you like that most people don't.
I don't know that there is anything I like that most people don't. I'm a seriously picky eater, although I know worse, and if most people don't like it I probably don't either.

13 September 2006

I'm Gonna Be An Aunt Again!!!

My sister found out Monday that she is having a little girl again. We're excited. And Ashleigh is thrilled, I think. She has been asking for a little sister. She didn't take up with the idea of a little brother, or at least, that's what Momma told me last night.

Momma is doing really well a little over a week after her knee replacement. She is currently in the intensive physical therapy wing of the hospital. She is hoping to go home sometime Friday.

Work is starting to slack off, finally. I'm glad about that. Our afternoons are still really busy here though. But at least they aren't as bad anymore.

I have my first accounting test tonight. I have the review sheet filled out, so I'll start studying it sometime today. I think it will be fairly easy, although I don't expect as good a grade this semester as last. This stuff is a little more confusing.

Our office is closing for a while this afternoon to attend the University's Fall Convocation. From everything I've heard, it seems like it will be more informal this time around. They are usually just a series of speakers for an hour or so. I'll post any interesting University news later tonight or tomorrow.

11 September 2006

Bad Girl

I know...I've been a bad girl. I just haven't had time to post lately. We're under our Fall rush at work, so I've been putting in some major hours. And once that cleared up, I was already behind on my school work. :) If it's not one thing it's another.
The rush is clearing up a little bit, at least enough for me to catch up on my schoolwork. So hopefully I will be around here a little more.
Last week, or the week before...I'm not really sure, I actually managed to get a couple of full nights sleep. To bad that after two night I reverted back to my trouble. But hopefully with time my doctor and I will get this worked out.
Josh and I watched a few movies this weekend.
The first was Flight Plan. I really enjoyed it, of course, I'm a fan. Of course I enjoyed it. :) Josh said it took to long for them to give you the clues. However, I think this was intended. For the first portion of the movie you felt like her.
The second movie was The Protector. I really enjoyed this movie as well. However, while it is a martial arts film, I expected more plot stuff for some reason. The movie was less than 90 minutes. And was Very good.
The last movie was The Libertine. I didn't really enjoy this one very much. I had no clue what it was going to be about, and Josh thought it would have sword fights. Instead there was an orgy. While that was somewhat interesting, I felt the entire movie left something to be desired. Johnnie did stuid stuff, and the film was very dark, making it hard to see what was going on.
I guess overall it was a good weekend. I finished my homework in time, and now I just have to manage not to get behind again. I have done my first program for Visual Basic, although it was as simple as a Word document. I am now preparing myself for the next one, which will be harder.
I will be kicking back into gear on my workout routine this week. I was sick last week and didn't work out. And I'm thinking of trying the Special K diet just to kick start my weight loss. I'll let you know any final decisions in regards to that.

Courtesy of AJokeADay.com

A rather old fashioned lady, always quite delicate and elegant, especially in her language, was planning a weeks holiday in Sydney with her husband, so she wrote to a particular camping ground and asked for a reservation.

She wanted to make sure that the camping ground was fully equipped, but didn't know quite how to ask about the toilet facilities. She just couldn't bring herself
to write the word "toilet" in her letter.

After much thought, she finally came up with the old fashioned term "Bathroom closet" but when she wrote it down, she still thought she was being too forward, so she started all over again, rewrote the letter, and referred to the bathroom closet as the B.C.

"Does the camping ground have it's own B.C." is what she wrote.

Well, the camping ground owner wasn't a bit old fashioned, and he just couldn't figure out what the old lady was talking about, so he showed the letter around a few of the campers and the only thing they could come up with was that B.C. stood for Baptist Church, so he wrote the following reply.

Dear Madam,

I regret very much the delay in answering your letter, but I now take the pleasure of informing you that a B.C. is located nine miles north of our camping ground, and is capable of seating 250 people at one time.

I admit that it is quite a distance away if you are in the habit of going regularly but no doubt you will be pleased to know that a great number of campers go there and many take their lunches along and make a day of it. They usually arrive nice and early and stay quite late.

The last time my wife and I went was six years ago, and it was so crowded we had to stand up the whole time we were there. It may interest you to know that there is a special supper planned there to raise money to buy more seats so that everyone will be able to sit in comfort.

I would like to say that it pains me very much not to be able to go more regularly, but it is surely no lack of desire on my part, just that I am so busy most of the time.

As we grow older, it seems to be more of an effort to go, especially in the cold weather. If you decide to come down to our camping ground perhaps I could go with you the first time you go, sit with you and introduce you to all the other folks.

Remember this is a very friendly community