26 April 2006

Various Junk

Well, I don't think I have any earth shaking news today. Just my life continuing for the most part.
I have almost finished with invitations for the wedding. There are just a few more addresses I am trying to get people to give me. But that isn't going so well... Hopefully things will look up and people will get them for me this week. Especially since I am coming up on the 4 week mark.
Momma seems to be moving right along on my wedding dress. She keeps telling me how she has this or that done. So hopefully it will be done soon. I can't wait to see what it looks like now though. I know she is A LOT further than she was when I last looked.
I have a new duty at work. I'm not responsible for every work order that leaves our office. I have to make sure that the technician that took in the call did everything they possibly could, and that all the info the technician receiving the call will need is in there. Means if something is wrong, it's my head that gets chopped off. Lots of fun, huh? I'm just hoping that it eventually results in me getting a pay raise. It's definitely a lot more responsibility than I had just last week.
Between wedding planning and work, I now longer have any operating brain cells. Robin says they reset at midnight, but I'm not sure he's right. I've been forgetting entirely too much lately for that to be true. But come June I should have a life again, so it will be ok. Or, at least, I'm going to keep thinking that!

25 April 2006

Educational Joke

I got the cutest joke in a joke-a-day e-mail this weekend. I don't take credit for it, but I thought everyone would appreciate it. Especially since a lot of people that read this are in an educational environment.


We professors have a memory for names that is best served in one of the following ways:

Your name is an eponym (you’re named after a famous person or place),
An epiphenomenon process occurred (you told me your name and I remembered it), or
An epistolary action occurred (you wrote your name down on the homework).
Of the three choices, the last is the best because not everyone can be named Abe Lincoln and we have trouble remembering where we put our wallets.

Professor Johnson, 4/19/00, written comments posted on his office door with the suspect homework

21 April 2006


I put on a set of fake nails last night. I'm having trouble adjusting. I couldn't fasten my own bra this morning. That's a bit sad.
It think I just need to get the shorter ones. However, I had to buy a stick of crazy glue this morning to glue two of them back on. I think they might go away tonight when I get home. I can't have Josh having to dress me every day!

20 April 2006


I went to the dentist this morning. He said my teeth looked good. He even went so far as to say that he barely had to work on them. But he did tell me to be more vigilent about flossing. I admitted to not doing it regularly.
I like Dr. Hall. He's fun. He asked about work and school and all that stuff. Told me to go have some fun this summer, not just work. I also bought the really expensive Crest WhiteStrips in his office. I want to have pretty teeth in the weddign pictures. And maybe they will stay white afterwards!!! He told me I could by the strips at Wal-Mart, but they wouldn't be as strong as the ones he sales. I went for it.

18 April 2006

Wedding Dress Work

Momma and I worked on my wedding dress over the weekend. Things are going fairly well with it.
I got all the danglie stuff finished for it. So whenever Momma is ready to put that stuff on she has it all.
However, what was so funny was when the pinned the skirt to the bodice Saturday night. She wanted to figure the hem out. The skirt was a good 7 inches too long. I found it rather amusing.
Of course, I had to take pictures to show Dee. She sews too, so I knew she would like the opps. Apparently the pattern was designed for an amazon. If Momma had realized just how much too long the pattern was, she could have saved at least a yard of material, if not more. I'm not posting the pictures though. Too close to letting everyone know how I will look in it!!! Dee did say to tell my mom 'Better you than me!'

17 April 2006

Daddy and Ashleigh Easter 2006

My niece Ashleigh is simply too adorable. Daddy sat with her for a while watching Winnie the Pooh. What was so adorable is that later on she walked in that room and just stood looking at the screen saying 'Bear.'

Bad News, Bad News

Well, I got two pieces of bad news this morning. I'm waiting for one of them to be turned into good news.
First off, lets do the not so devestating one. I made a 68 on my Spanish test. Well, it's the teacher's fault. She knew we weren't ready and didn't understand the material.
Secondly, this is the bad one. Somehow Payroll only cut iTech employees a one week check. We only get paid everyother week. Thank God they got the stubs posted early so we know about it. I'm just waiting for word on what will be done to correct the problem. I, luckily, can last until the next pay period if I have to. I only have one bill, that is slightly less than the current check amount, that has to be paid out of this. Unfortunately, Josh and I are planning to get his wedding band this weekend. That makes things a bit difficult. I may not be able to afford it.
I hope I don't get any more bad news!

13 April 2006

Unity Candle Holders

Unity Candle Holders
Originally uploaded by dragongoddessd20.
This is the unity candle holder set I have ordered. I can't wait for it to come in. I hope it looks good with my candles, but we will have to wait and see, won't we...

Baker and Baker

I met with two bakers last night.
The first was Stephanie. I like her. She's really nice, and had her work put together in a very professional matter, with JUST enough casual for someone who bakes cakes in her home.
She is trying to raise her prices on wedding cakes, she is WAY below normal, and tried it out for the first time on us. It didn't go so well. Ms. Cindy had written down where she had quoted a previous price of half what she did while we were talking. She backed off. The cake I want, sized to feed 156 people, is $197.00. And her groom's cake price is wonderful too!!! $75.00 for the cake sized to feed 75 people. I think that is plenty of cake for us, don't you.
We drove out to see another lady who does cakes out of her home simply because we said we would. That was a disaster, and I am slightly sorry I did it. Her organization was horrid. She is using photo albums, designed to be opened occasionally not constantly, to showcase her pictures. Needless to say they are falling apart. Also, her cake pictures had a tendency to showcase the bride and groom more than the cake. And her prices were higher. $247.50 for a wedding cake to feed 150 people, and $112.00 for a groom's cake to feed 68. That didn't really match her per piece prices she was quoting either. I think she forgot how to do math. She was a nice old lady though. And yes, I mean old.
Stephanie is making my cake bigger than the kit I found, but that's cool. There will be pleny of cake. I'm wondering a bit about how much she charges for her fruit arrangements... I can't help but wonder if it would be worth it to hire her for that too...

12 April 2006

The Fun Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower
Originally uploaded by dragongoddessd20.
I've always enjoyed Pepper's Parties, and their bridal showers are just as good! Bridal Showers with a TWIST! Ronda, pictured to the right, was a trip during the party. Apparently Dee, on the left, had taken her to one of these kinds of parties before. It wasn't very good though, because she nearly freaked out when we took a break and were told we would get into the good stuff when we got back.
Anyway, I had two large mudslides, a double shot of tequila and a buttery nipple while I was there.
I got lots of fun stuff too, but y'all don't need to know about all that...

11 April 2006

Stupid Women!!!

Some women really shouldn't have a job in customer service. I just called Taylor Rental to place my wedding rental order by phone. I know what I want, and it's nothing major. I need a column, 12 tableclothes, 2 15-candle silver spirals, and 60 candles. They lady INSISTED that I COULDN'T place my order by phone. She might not pick out what I want. How can she not? How many different 40" columns can the place have??? I would switch to another place if it weren't for the fact that they are the only place around that HASN'T been known to deliver stained tableclothes to weddings.
You know, I really had something fun and cool that I wanted to post about today, but that damn woman has driven it out of my head and ruined my day. At least I will be finally meeting with the baker tomorrow night and have that settled.

07 April 2006


Test = Bombed

The Search for Enlightenment...

Can it occur successfully in one day?
There was a change to some of our systems last night. They are trying to do a universal password for all systems at USM. Last night they switched the e-mail system over. Needless to say, it doesn't work this morning.
Our phones are ringing off the hook, and I have a test in Spanish this morning. I am very not prepared for my exam. I will very much fail my exam.
I knew I should have went back to bed when I woke up. Maybe I can go protest.
However, if I make it through this day without losing my temper I will know that I have reached Enlightenment.

06 April 2006


Yesterday was a good and not good day.
Spanish is going to kill me. I just KNOW it. I did really bad on a take home quiz (USING THE BOOK), and so did the rest of the class. The teacher, however, doesn't cake that we don't understand the material yet. She is giving us the test tomorrow anyway. So it really sucks.
I wanted to run by Belk and get some of the registry items that are currently on sale 65% off!!! They didn't have it in stock, but the lady said they get it in all the time. I think I will go by Friday, and if they don't have it see if I can just order it. We've only gotten $190 in gift cards for Belk.
Josh and I ate supper with William at O'Charleys. That was fun. We don't see William a lot anymore, and we usually only hang out with him when the entire group gets together. As much as I love everyone hanging out together, I enjoy hanging out with just one or two of them too. Everyone seems to act just a little different in a bigger group. I think I do too, and it's nice to be able to see both sides of everyone.

05 April 2006

Wedding Invitations

I'm serioulsy considering address labels. I'm not too sure I want to address all the invitations. I have already decided that I am going to use return address labels. I do know that. I just have to go buy them. Hopefully I can run by wal-mart and get them today!

03 April 2006

Another Wedding Shower

I had my second shower this weekend. It was good. Three of my school teachers showed up. I got pictures with them. Now I'm just waiting for my sister to get the pictures to me. I want to send copies of the pictures of us in their wedding invitations. I would send them in the thank you notes, but the notes I bought are two small for that. I was surprised to see three of them there. I was fairly certain that two of them would show, and they did!!! I got a lot of kitchen stuff. I have more than enough kitchen towels. I think I removed all the kitchen towels off my registries, except for a couple of special designed ones. I got a lot more pyrex, and a couple of pieces of corningware too. I even got a SmartSpin!!! I'm thrilled because I've wanted one since I first saw the tv add for them.
But my favorite gift was from my Aunt Brenda. She got a large basket and put two big beige towles, body wash, body creme, two small wine glasses, and a bottle of sparkling grape juice in it. She is so cool!!!!! All the other gifts were wonderful too, so no one feel bad that their's isn't listed here. I just don't have that much room.
The only bad part is getting all the thank you notes done. Hopefully I can get them written and addressed tonight. I'm not mailing the ones for people from church, at least, I don't think I will. Momma can hand deliver those later!!! I have either 36 or 37 thank you notes to write this time. I just don't know where I am going to put all this stuff.
Oh yeah, I even got my present from Aunt Pat today in the mail. I wasn't expecting it for another week at least. It's wonderful too. Kitchen gadgets and a COOK BOOK. Can anyone tell I like to cook?