29 June 2006


Sometimes I hate my job. I have once again lost the person I trained for the front desk. I get someone good and trained, and they are taken away. Today makes 5. Since Christmas. They took Brandi away and gave me Vicki. They took Vicki away (thank God!) and gave me Thomas. They took Thomas away and gave me Nick2. They took Nick2 away and gave me Michelle. I wonder who is next...
I never have anyone very long, and they leave me alone for so long it's not even funny. I wonder what I will do next week during Preview. And who will cover my lunches now? And what happens if I get busy at some other odd time? This is getting ridiculous. I just hope that Robin moves someone up here soon. Not only does it suck if I get busy, but I get lonely too. I guess I'll have to used to that again....

26 June 2006

Farewell To Scary Backpack Guy

Brandi had already told me that Bruce had passed away earlier this month. I never really expected the following update on the situation.

As you all now know, Bruce Lefferts (the scary backpack guy) died. You may recall that Bruce used duct tape on his backpack (and everything else) quite liberally.

A report from his graveside service at the VA in Biloxi: The chaplain had 15 minutes to conduct the graveside. To start the ceremony, he asked all the males in attendance (about 15) to step forward and line either side of the coffin. The chaplain whipped out a roll of duct tape, and the guys passed it back and forth 'til the tape ran out, round and round Bruce's casket. Apparently, most of the graveside was spent wrapping the casket with the tape and laughing with sweet recollections of gentle ole' kooky Bruce.

Now, that's going out in style.

At least my workplace sanity level will not spike quite as much.

This is what Mondays are SUPPOSED to be like

Today hasn't been too bad a day. As a matter of fact, only one bad thing so far. I couldn't find my keys this morning and was a whole 4 minutes late. There are people in this office that are NEVER that early.
The morning kinda flew by. After Michelle got here I went and got some breakfast. (I had trouble sleeping last night, so DEFINTELY no time for breakfast!)
It was nearly 9 before I got around to logging into the Helpdesk phones. That's not too bad because I have the morning round of e-mail and such to deal with. Then, next thing I know, it's 5 til 11. I've been bored all morning, but the time has FLOWN!
I ate lunch at the apt with the honey. That went fine.
I got back from lunch and things hadn't exploded. Just a little catch up work to do. Then back to the slow boringness. I've only had one upset customer and one that couldn't describe her problem properly. But we got through both of those and got off the phone in good moods.
Then I was working on a laptop with some spyware problems. The battery dies. I check again in the bag to see if the cord is there, no cord. So, I call the girl to ask her to bring it. Here is the jist of the converstaion...

Tech: Hi! I've been working on your laptop, but the battery died.
Client: The cord is in the bag.
Tech: Could you tell me where, because I've found your socks...but no-
Client: Oh! I'm sorry. It's right here. I meant to put it in my bag.

Ok. So there was more to the conversation, but not much. That was ten minutes ago and I'm still laughing over it.
Ok. She just brought it in. Definitely a dumb blonde!

I hope the day gets better. At least we have a departmental meeting this afternoon. Those always sport something to laugh about. Even if it isn't really a good laugh.

22 June 2006

>>6/22/06 - 4:45 p.m. UPDATE- E-mail service outage

News Description:
4:45 p.m. Update - Due to an equipment failure, e-mail service continues to be experiencing an outage. The iTech Systems Team will be working throughout the night to restore service as quickly as possible. Please continue to check the iTech Web site for further updates.

2:55 p.m. - Southern Miss e-mail service is currently down. iTech is aware of the problem and is working diligently to restore service to campus. Please continue to check the iTech Web site for further updates.

The above is from the iTech Website. They took our mail server offline around 2:30 this afternoon. They finally put the old dog to sleep....

Interview Thing

1. As a guestimate, how many times are you and J-chan gonna go at it this weekend?
2. What is your favorite anime?
3. What is your favorite manga?
4. How many times, in a week, do you want to strangle me for asking silly questions?
5. If you could be anyone else in the world, who is alive today, who would it be?

1.Uh, maybe a lot. Depends on how much of the time we spend at home.
2.I like Bleach and Chrono Crusade the most I think.
3.Full Metal Panic
4.I never want to strangle you for asking questions.
5.Uh, I don't know that I would want to be anyone else. I'm used to my own problems and eccentricities. I don't feel like getting used to anyone elses!

If anyone else wants to participate, just post a comment asking me to interview you, and I'll post some questions. Then you can answer on your own blog or in my comments! I was interviewed by ruggerchuck.

Anyone that has come by the apartment to visit knows what it has looked like for the past month. Last night Josh and I got the front room cleaned up. It still needs some work, but I think it's time to concentrate on other areas for a while.
The backroom still has a lot of boxes in it, even after what Josh did. I might work on that tomorrow....


20 June 2006

Accounting Class

My teacher finally posted grades from the first test. I got a 102! He says he grades on a curve, so I can't help but wonder what the curve was. I've gotten a 100 on the first 4 chapters of homework too. And I think I'm at a 100 on participation right now. I'm glad I'm doing so well in this class. I doubt I'm doing so well in Calculus. I should get my first test grade back tonight. Of course, she is giving us another test tonight. Too bad she is finishing that chapter tonight. She says that historically students always do really bad on this test because they aren't taking the class seriously. I would say that they always do bad on this test because she tests them ten minutes after she finished covering the material in the classroom. Some students need time for stuff to sink in. I feel sorry for the other students in the class. Some of them aren't going to be able to teach themselves out of the book. I'm just lucky to be decent at math.
Well, I'll let you know later about calculus!

18 June 2006

My sister called me with wonderful news Saturday morning. She's pregnant again!
We're all thrilled for her. She's a wonderful mother and deserves to have more than one. Of course, knowing that she has been taking the same birthcontrol pill as me doesn't make me feel so great. Especially after being sick most of the weekend. I'm sure mine was just some kind of bug going around. There's always something going around college campuses.
I don't have much of anything else to write about. I'm just thrilled to be an aunt again!!!

14 June 2006

The Girl With the Long Hair that Just Got it Cut Off

That's how I'm described apparently. I know it's a description that fits, but it certainly doesn't help people that don't know me identify me. A lady with a wireless problem just came to see me from Communications. And she said she couldn't remember my name, but that I had long hair, but just cut it off. She did tell me that everyone likes my haircut though. I was so amused, I decided I had to post it. Maybe they should just say 'The Blonde' because I will NEVER dye my hair. My dark blonde is perfectly fine with me!!!

12 June 2006

Two Weeks Later...

Two weeks after the wedding I had a little make-over. (Exactly two weeks actually. My appointment was Saturday at 2:15.)
I donated a 12" ponytail to Locks of Love. This is a wonderful charity that I am proud to have been able to support. April, my stylist at The Cutting Edge, said that some little boy or girl was going to be very happy with the wig made from my hair. She said it was gorgeous.
I like my new haircut, but it's going to take time to get used to not having a ton of hair. It took a while to kickstart my brain this morning. I blamed it on the haircut.
I doubt I go with the Hollywood Hair that April gave me Saturday on a daily basis, but it isn't so bad to just blowdry and go either. Of course, I can no have bad hair days again. I think that's the good thing about super long hair!!!

Congratulations to Denny Hamlin!

I'm not a racing fan, and certianly not one to watch sports. But during racing season, that's what is on at Josh's parents' house. We ate there for dinner and watched the race.

From early on I was hoping for Denny Hamlin to win. I had never even heard of him before, but I just had a feeling. I was worried that I had been wrong when he blew that tire and dropped to 40th. But he came back for the win. Towards the end even Josh was hoping he would win. He did a fantastic job, and he really did deserve this first cup win. He worked hard for it. Ms. CIndy was wanting someone else to win, I don't remember who, but she said she guessed she would let the rookie have this one!

05 June 2006

Time Flies

Well, the wedding is over, the honeymoon is reaching an end and I'm back at work. Sorry I haven't updated until now. We have wireless at the apt now, but I've been busy unpacking and trying not to get too far behind in my classes. Needless to say, I will have to push pretty hard tonight to get caught up.
The wedding went well. I'm just glad it's over. I just have to get the dress cleaned now. And pay the $200 to preserve it. As much trouble as Momma had with it, I plan on it staying in good condition.
I have lots of good pictures, although it will take me a while to pick ones to post. I only picked them up this afternoon from Cat. Brandi posted her pics on photobucket, just do a search for 'coryandjosh' and it's in our Wedding Day album. They don't look to wonderful on there, but it sized them down a lot. I dropped them to about 10% the original photo quality, I think. But, my sister Jackie also has some posted on her blog, jackietaylor.blogspot.com.
The honeymoon was fun. I had my camera, but didn't think to take any pics until we were leaving. But I do have some of everything but the beach. We're thinking of going back next year. I'll have to remember to pick up a disposal camera for the beach. I'm certainly not taking my digital into the sand. I think I'll get a waterproof so I can take it out into the water for a couple of pics...
Well, I need to get back to work. It's report time. I'll get pics up as soon as I can pick some out!!!