30 March 2006

With Friends Like These....

It's a good thing I love my friends, because otherwise I would probably kill them.
Last night Josh had to go to Meridian on a job. So I decided to punish Stimpy with my company. It's not like I had anything better to do. And I don't see him enough anyway.
We had fun. We went to Petsmart to get a brush for his cat, and then ate at Logan's Roadhouse. The one here in Hattiesburg just opened. It was good. Then we went to visit our friends Chuck and Joe at their apartment.
Chuck flew out the door to give William and I a hug when we got there. He almost stepped on my foot in the process. Then Joe decided that he had to give both of us a big hug. He grabbed William first and pulled him in. Then he reaches and pulls me in.
And slams me straight into William's elbow.
It still HURTS!!!

28 March 2006

Wedding Goings On

I got my napkins in yesterday. They're nice. They are grey/silver with blue foil. They have a Precious Moments bride and groom on them. I'll try and get a picture or something to post.

I have a shower this weekend. I can't wait to get home. Not so much for the shower as just to see my family. I haven't seen Daddy in a few weeks now. And I need the instructions for doing the beads for my dress. Since Momma has the pattern, she's the one with the instructions. I'll have to copy them while I'm home.

Brandi told me that she and Dee have my other party put together. It's on the 8th. I'm kinda scared. I know they are planning to do their best to embarrass me. Since they are two of my best friends, they should be able to do it without a problem. Brandi's mother is also going to be there, and that just makes it that much worse. I'm not sure who all will be at the party, but it will be more than enough I'm sure. And I already know that chances are good for some of them to be strangers. And that makes it that much worse! I'm so much easier to embarrass when I don't know everyone I'm around. Oh well, maybe they will get me so drunk I won't care first!!!

I also kinda freaked the people out at the post office this morning. I just went to the one on campus, and asked for 13 books of stamps. They were slightly bewildered. They are probably hoping I'm not planning on mailing them all through them. The thought of that much extra mail probably scares them!!!

27 March 2006

Wedding Plans

Things are going well, I guess.
Jackie sent me the costs of the invitations. Only $130. Not so bad. Stamps are another $100, but we'll survive.
I also have an appointment for my hair trial run. I'm going Thursday afternoon. I can't wait!

24 March 2006

Something Funny...Even if you don't know much about DND



Postage is ridiculous these days. For just my first shower it's $15.60 to mail the thank you notes. I'm dreading postage for the invitations. For my next shower I am carrying everything up to Momma's and going to do that thank you notes that night. Then I won't have to worry about as much postage. For anyone from the church, she can deliver the damn things for me!
I did get some cute wedding stamps though. They are purple, with a dove sitting on a branch. The picture is just a sketch in white and it is really frilly and stuff. Now I just have to print return address labels for the thank you notes. I refuse to write my address that many times!

23 March 2006

Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot
Originally uploaded by dragongoddessd20.
This is one of the pictures Jackie took of us Saturday. I think it is my very favorite. We took another one that is going to be reworked and put on the invitations. It's a secret as to esactly what she is doing with it. I might post it after invitations go out. Just in case anyone is interested. Anyone that doesn't get a real one anyway. I really do wish that my ring hadn't been twisted around though. We may try and reproduce it when we go up to my parent's for my next wedding shower. We'll see what happens. If nothing else, I might use this one anyway. I have a use in mind for this. Wonder how it would look in black and white???

New Handbag

I got my handbag last night at David's Bridal. $16.04 Of course, spending that much on a small purse hurt, but I'll survive. It's a cream color with a lace overlay. It has the silver snap-closure (ok, so I don't know what that thing is called. So sue me!) and a short silver chain. It isn't large, but it will hold my id, debit card, a coin purse (CASH!) and lipstick. And still have a little room left. But I don't need anything big for the wedding. And this will be a nice purse for going out later on.

We picked up a few packs of Pirates of the South China Seas last night too. Josh says the junks have terribly hard to build, until you get the hang of it. I haven't tried yet. We got a decent chunk of the new nationality, Jade Rebellion, too. We bought out what the Hobby Center had. And Josh bought a big fuzzy d4 and I bought a new set of dice. They are chessex, but they look cool. I just hope they roll well.

We also saw V for Vendetta last night. That was an awesome movie. I want to go see it again. I don't want to spoil it for anyone that hasn't seen it yet. But go see this movie in the theatre. This one SERIOUSLY needs to be seen on the big screen for total appreciation of it's art. Which I always find an interesting thing to say about what it basically an action flick, even if it is deep.

We saw a trailer for the new X-Men movie too. I can't wait to see it either. It's going to be good. I'm still going to keep my expectations low. Just in case they showed all the good stuff in the trailer. I don't want to be disappointed in it.

22 March 2006

Wedding Plans and other Assorted Things

I'm doing well on the wedding planning, ok, maybe not WELL. I'm getting things done anyway. I've ordered a wax seal stamp, and a wax gun and wax to play with the wax seal idea. I should get those tomorrow if UPS can do their job right. I've gotten napkins ordered for the wedding reception too. I can't wait for those to come in.

We know a lady that can do both the wedding and groom's cakes for us. I just haven't had a chance to really talk to her yet. But at least I'm moving ahead on that a bit.

Josh and I had our first shower Saturday. It was at First Baptist in Columbia. We got a lot of very nice stuff. We got a 61 piece set of our china, we got a few pieces of crystal, nothing we had registered for though. We got a lot of other stuff too. Some of it I am thinking about using at the reception. We'll see though. I've gotten the thank you notes written and addressed already. I'm just waiting for the wax stuff to come in.

Spanish seems to be going ok too. I made a 74.5 on the last test, but that's ok. I missed class Monday, but seemed to be better prepared than the rest of the class today. Ok, maybe not ALL the class, but better than some. And I have finished the homework for Friday too. There isn't much homework left now. I've thought about working on some in advance, because the next section is easy. But who knows. I need to work on typing my notes too.

I'm going to go buy a new handbag tonight after work. It's kinda for the wedding, but I will continue to use it afterwards. When I stopped by David's Bridal last week it was on sale. So hopefully it still is and they still have it. I really don't want to spend $30 for a purse for the wedding day. That's a little much.

Work is going ok. They moved Thomas up to sit with me at the front counter. It keeps me from being lonely up here, and from worrying about having someone to relieve me. He's here unless he's on one of his breaks or at lunch. So I have nothing to complain about. And we get along fairly well. He's a pretty cool guy.

Ok, I should really get back to work now. It's getting late in the afternoon and I have work to catch up on after being sick for two days.

08 March 2006

I got invited into Beta Gamma Sigma. It's kinda funny actually. I just transferred into the College of Business this semester, and I'm already high enough to get an invitation. You have to be in the top 7% of the Junior class or top 10% of the Senior class to get an invitation. WOW! Also, there are only 504 colleges that are part of the organization. I think that really says something for the program that I have entered. That means we are in the top 25% of business schools! I'm a little impressed. :)

06 March 2006

Costume Preview

While the guys were playing Pirates Friday night Dee and I basically just chatted up a storm. However, she got the wild idea that I could probably fit in one of her bodices. Well, it's done tied up as tight as it's supposed to be, but it gave the guys a preview of how it would look, and gave me an idea of how it would feel. It was actually comfortable!!! It forces you into proper posture, so you don't have to think about it. I have had bad posture for years, and it takes a little concentration to sit and stand properly, although I'm getting much better. I couldn't breathe how I was used to either, but I could breathe! I don't look positively thrilled to be wearing it in the picture, but I really did like it. I can't wait to go shopping for materials for my costume now. I think it will be great!

Driver's Ed

I love jokes about kids learning to drive. I don't know exactly why, but I have yet to hear one that I didn't think was funny. Here's one I just heard.

I pride myself on being patient when teaching driver education, something I have done for 30 years. I have encountered many, many students, who didn't seem to be able to hit the floor with their hat. But one incident was just too much.

I had a sweet young thing behind the wheel for the first lesson of the semester. She had volunteered to go first and seemed ready to show the other two kids how well she could drive. We left the rural school and started toward town.

As we approached the first stop sign, the young lady gave no sign that she saw it. We got closer, but she still did not slow down. Finally, I used the "teacher's brake" pedal, on my side of the car, to get us stopped.

When I asked her why she didn't slow down to stop for the stop sign, she replied, "but, Mr. Smith, the speed limit is 35 ALL the way to the stop sign!"

02 March 2006

Damn Bookstore!

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The bookstore on campus sells this card. They sell a different one too, but this one is cheaper. Therefore, all the kids buy them.
They suck. We've started seeing all the kids that bought them at first start coming in the office. And they don't work anymore. And we can figure out nothing that will fix them. They just die after several months.
So damn the bookstore for selling such shitty equipment.
Ok, now I'm over the bad mood!!!

10:00 AM, and Good News Already

I got the flower samples in this morning!!!!!! I think they look good. I'm going to try and get around to show a couple of people today and see what everyone else thinks. I hope everyone thinks they are acceptable. Of course, it's nearly two weeks before I get to go home again. And I won't see Jackie then, that I know of. I might have to order a sample and have sent to her. I know I will see Momma next weekend, so I know I can wait that long.
Also, the groom's present arrived this morning. It was so cool to open my box and find 2 package pickup notices. And they are things I've been waiting on!!!
I also got an invitation to my cousin Darlene's baby shower. I hate that I will have to miss it. But I just really can't make it to Tennessee on a Thursday night. But that's ok. We'll have her present ready and it should be there in time for the shower. Of course, with any luck they will be able to come down for my wedding shower, the weekend before hers. OH! I'm so exicted!!! Things are beginning to move along now!

01 March 2006

Mardi Gras, Revisited

Ok, I'm not sure if the holiday was too long or too short. The kids in my Spanish class were all either still drunk and needed an extra day to recuperate, or the holiday was so long that they forgot what they were doing.
The stuff that wasn't TOO terribly hard on Friday was apparently the hardest thing they have ever encountered come today. And, of course, a good sized chunk of them didn't do the homework. I'll admit to having trouble with the part of the homework that we hadn't covered in class before, but the difference between preterite and imperfect tenses isn't that bad. I know I don't get it right EVERY time, but most of the time I can easily tell you which tense to use. Ms. Biron was going crazy wondering what had happened to the class. She reminded us all to practice and review before coming back to class on Friday. I just spent the entire time wondering if I should just ask to leave since I mostly knew what was going on. However, I sat and endured. I think I should get a medal for that. I think I was more frustrated over it that Ms. Biron. We stayed on the topic so long that I started to get confused. So I just quit participating. I hope that if she really noticed, she thought that I knew what was going on and just let everyone else have her attention.
Nothing personal, but our test is supposed to be on the 13th, and we are already at least 2 days behind on this chapter. Either the rest of the stuff will be super easy, or I'm going to pray that she will put off the exam one day. I'm probably not that lucky, but I hope I don't end up suffering because the class can't understand a few simple rules.

Have You Talked to This Guy Before?

I think I have talked to him before. On several occasions. (The tech guy, not the mistreated customer.) Of course, sometimes I want to just hang up on everyone like that. Of course, when I do, I want to tell the customer exactly what I think of them. He's more diplomatic. I don't think such customer service would go over well though.... Oh well, I can always pretend that I spoke my mind!