29 September 2005

Notice the New Name???

I went to eat lunch with Josh at Willy T's today and he started calling me Ms. Fressange as we left, so I decided to rename my Blog.
Inez Fressange is a scientist in the anime Martian Successor Nadesico. She spends most of her screen time explaining things.
Josh asked why the doors leaving places are always PUSH doors. I decided to explain that people are always tired and lazy after they eat, so doors are arranged this way so they can just kinda fall on it and the door opens so they can leave. People generally have more energy when they are going to eat, so they don't mind having to pull open a door.
Josh said that this was quality , and he would almost accept it as a reason. He has called me this before because I have a tendency to explain things. I really like to make up stuff to explain those hypothetical questions.....

But anyway, that explains the new name.

28 September 2005

No More..No More..No More

Ok, so I can wish I could chant that in my office anyway. I can never say it enough, this would be an alright place to work if it weren't for the damn students. Right now we have a virus running around our campus network that we have no idea how to clean. That means, any student with that virus is stuck without internet until we do figure out. We would love to leave them on the network and all, but the network would crash it is so bad. Unfortunately, Brandi and I have to listen to these students all day long about how they cannot do their homework for their online classes because their internet doesn't work. Well, use the EFFIN' computer labs on campus. There is a reason we pump money into the things. It's for STUDENTS to use for school and play. So why can't they just be reasonable???
I know, I'm whinning...But at least I was able to purchase my new book today, High Druid of Shannar: Straken. I so can't wait to start reading it. It's really short though, I don't think any of the other books have been this short. But oh well. I'm sure it will be great. It's going to be the first book I've read in a few weeks. I stay busy with stuff for school. But right now school is just going to have to wait for a little while. I want my book!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry, just needed to rant for a minute!!!

25 September 2005

No Time to Breathe

I hate not getting to post on here. I know not many people are reading it, but it's still fun. Lately though, I haven't had time to breathe, much less have time to post anything here.

Being in Columbia we had a hard hit from Katrina. Luckily we didn't have any real damage at the house. But it's taken weeks to get the yard work finished. And then, here comes Rita this weekend giving us more yard work to do. But at least it isn't nearly as much as we had before. We were lucky enough to only be without power 4 days. We live down the road from the local water association. It's a great place to live during a natural disaster. They are high priority for power. We only lost water for a few hours, and that was because the generators lost power in the middle of the night the day before we got power back. However, we were without a phone for a little over two weeks. No internet at home. :(

I enjoyed my week and a half off work, and spent it doing homework for my online class. I had that book here at the house, and had saved the assignments to my laptop. At least I was able to accomplish something. Unfortunatly, I really needed to work on my Spanish, and ALL my Spanish stuff was at the office. Opps!!! Hopefully I will be mildly prepared for my test a week from Monday. Right now I am far from prepared. But since I have internet at the house I have been able to work on the homework. That has helped.

Work has been busy since the semester pretty much started on Sept. 12th. We have had so many new students at Southern. But at least things are slowing down in the office now. People are finally getting settled into things again. Brandi and I have been slammed at work up until Thursday of last week. That's when people finally started getting everything finished. Although, from what I hear the other iTech office is still very busy. At least I don't have to work over there. Like to have things calmed down. I can start using the time to study for my A+ Certification at work. I have decided that it would be something helpful for my job. I will most likely be stuck in it for a while.

I saw two movies this weekend. Josh and I went to see The Corpse Bride. It was a fantastic movie. It wasn't The Nightmare before Christmas, but then again, it was a different kind of story. I think everyone will enjoy seeing the movie. We also went with our friend William and some people from iTech to see Episode III. We had seen it before, but it was fun to see it again. While The Corpse Bride was playing at the mall, Episode III was at the new theatre. All 14 theatres are stadium seating. It was fantastic. The theatre even had that new car smell. It was wierd. The theatre had only opened Friday, and we went Saturday night. The tickets were $6.50, and they don't appear to offer a student discount. At least, not yet. They are mostly showing old movies right now. Katrina put their opening off a few weeks. We're kinda hoping that they put Broadacres Cinema out of business. That place is old and in awful shape. And they have a tendency to get a lot of the good movies we want to see. They will not be able to put the mall theatre out of business though. It's in the mall, so it will always have customers. But that is ok because the theatre at the mall is kept in great shape. It is just mostly small theatres, although I think they have 8 screens.

My DnD game is up and going again. I love my character Dayne. She is insane. And she will hopefully break the epic barrier in a couple of weeks. She hasn't been leveled up since the beginning of March! We went to a Dwarven celebration on Friday night and the majority of the night (5:30 pm-12:30 am) was taken up with the party. But we did get in a fight towards the end of the night. My character killed two creatures whose species had never been killed in the history of the world. It's nice to do cool things with her!!! Of course, these weren't normal creatures from the DnD books. The DM has created his own world, and these were his own brand of vampyr (I think I spelled that right). It was great though. Kudos to Daniel for presenting us with a great night of gameplay!!!

Oh, and I'm going to see my parents next weekend. Finally! I haven't been up there since before Katrina. It will be nice to go home for the weekend. I have a test the next day though, so poor Josh will have to drive all the time so I can study!!!