24 January 2006

Things are back to normal....


I've survived the first morning of our office being open after the fall rush. The afternoon has been kinda slow though. I slowed down right when I left for lunch. But that was a good thing. Because I had accumplated four computers that I didn't know when I would get to work on those. Brandi is out on assignments across campus so I am holding down the front desk all by myself.
Luckily, I managed to get everything done. I don't know how I'm going to survive this on a regular basis though. It's incredibly boring without her to talk to.

I've been drafted to plan the wedding shower for one of our technicians. Ms. Becky still hasn't let me know when she wants it to be. She had mentioned early next week. I haven't been to a wedding shower since my sister got married, and that was ten or so years ago. I've never actually given one. So I honestly don't know what to do. But I did come up with one good idea. I bought some blank postcards to make my Save-the-Date cards, and I'm going to make some advice/note cards for everyone to write him stuff. I think they will appreciate that.
Our systems on campus today have been ridiculous. Nothing stays working for very long, and some things have been broken all day long. Like our e-mail system. The system that updates passwords isn't talking to the e-mail server. So I haven't had e-mail all day.

Well, this post has taken all afternoon and I don't have much written. One of the temps asked me where the prozac machine was so he could go get me one. LOL Well, maybe I can at least go find a drink somewhere on the way home!

20 January 2006

Yes....It's been FOREVER!

Ok, so I haven't posted in forever. I've been a bit busy, and a lot sick. But I won't suffer everyone several weeks of details.

Work has been incredibly busy this week. Classes started Tuesday and things have just been awful. I've been putting in 9 and 9.5 hours days. And not really even managing to keep the office kept up!
Of course, I had the bad luck to miss all day yesterday with a migraine. I still have it today, but it isn't quite so bad. It kinda sucks though cause I was looking forward to those extra hours of pay. I might just have Derek go ahead and put a whole 8 hours of personal time in instead of trading my extra hours. I could definitely use the money.

On a good term, I got my W2 form today and did my taxes during lunch. I'm getting $237.00 back this year!!!!!!!!! I've always had to pay nearly $200 in the past. Needless to say I am THRILLED! Of course, I'm going to be putting it all on bills. I would have more taken out of my check, but I think having more during the year is a little better.

I've started in a new Dungeons and Dragons game. I love my character! She's an elven fighter warmage. We've only met once, but we had lots of fun.

I can't think of anything else just offhand. Just let me know if you want to hear about anything in particular!!!