27 November 2006

Thanksgiving Holidays

Ok, the holidays were pretty cool. I didn't get much of anything done though.

Ate with The Williams and the Overstreets on Thursday. It was GOOD. I thought I might have ate too much, but I was ok.

On Friday morning Josh and I went shopping. We came away with our Christmas presents for each other, but nothing else on the Christmas list. After shopping we slept a lot. And then ate supper with the McKenzies (his mom's family).

Saturday we got up and drove to my sister's house for another thanksgiving meal. It was nice to see everyone. However, it kinda sucked that Ashleigh was sick. But she felt better by Sunday morning.

Then we drove back and did dinner and a movie with Chonda and William and Greg and Thomasina. That was cool. Unfortunately I had to do homework when I got home. And I didn't get enough sleep last night.

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