27 November 2006

I hate that I work for a place that can't afford decent equipment or decent help. One of our major pieces of software croaks with the slightest network hiccup. And it's done that to me twice today. I just consider par for the course and don't let it get to me. If it chooses to crash, I jot down what I need to remember and restart the program. No har no foul, right?

Well one of my coworkers doesn't necessarily subscribe to that philosophy. She got MAD when it happened. Now, knowing how unstable our wireless network is she has been insisting on using it instead of connecting to the hardwire in the office. Well, she had problems with the software 4 times today. The last time she was in the middle of a work order. And she got made enough to slam her hand down on the table and do what amounts to cursing for her.

At the same time, she had send an IM to the boss-man about something. And he started asking questions about it. So she got mad at him. Good grief. She's been ridiculous all day. But at least she isn't back to her old self and not talking to anyone. I might can handle her like this. But hopefully she will get out of it by tomorrow.

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